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XenLogic© designs, develops and hosts custom, high-quality enterprise applications for the web. Our exclusive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides tailored tools to access, manage, share, and visualize information across multiple databases. XenLogic's solutions are designed to meet your specific business needs and goals, giving you greater peace of mind, through increased control, awareness, and agility over your data.


Why Are You Here?

Developing data-intensive web applications can be tough and fraught with problems, making them risky and costly endeavors. Fortuitously, you have reached the experts and you are most likely here for one of four reasons.

1.        You have a great idea for a new web application and need help executing it in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner.

2.        You need an enterprise system to streamline your business operations, but you don't want to have to modify your business to fit a software package.

3.        Your organization has many great pieces of information that are floating around in independent silos with nothing to tie them together. You need a web portal that will give you some sort of central visibility or control over your ever-expanding digital content and business. Bottom line, you are here because you want to leverage data, technology, and the web in a collaborative and interactive manner. Bring your business up to speed.  

4.         You are seeking the services of a subject matter expert to help you and your in-house experts evaluate, recommend and plan objective and sustainable solution to your data, applications, security and analytics requirements.   


Why Us? 

You want a solution that is tailored to your Web 2.0 business, data management, information processing and communication needs. This is while also reflecting your unique business philosophy, brand and workflows. At the core of our architecture is a proprietary intelligence platform that makes developing data-driven applications fast, easy, and painless. The white-label solutions we provide are highly customizable to your current and evolving business requirements. You choose us, because we can deliver the quality solution you desire, quickly and cost-effectively.


Our Platform:

Our proprietary Total Office Business Intelligence (TOBI©) platform makes developing data-driven web applications easy and painless. It is a semantic data publishing platform that can be customized and used as a front-end for many database platforms.  Possible solutions range from using it as a simple content management system to a complex customized business application. Using simple wizards and a library of common application templates, TOBI© users can generate web Menus, Lists, Forms, Filters, Data Views, User Roles, and Access Permissions for any database within minutes.  For applications requiring advanced and customized functions, TOBI© supports embedded Java Scripts and allows users to easily deploy and configure built-in web-parts, such as calendars, accordions, repeaters, file/document management, plus many more, without ever writing .NET or HTML codes. Using CSS, applications may be customized to look and feel the way users desire.


Need Proof?

We have successfully designed solutions for several well-known and respected institutions. We were able to meet each client's specific operating and security needs for managing data, documents, resources, and other business critical information in an online, global world. We pride ourselves in being flexible and helping organizations leverage the internet to share information, collaborate and communicate with one another more effectively and securely. 

We invite you to put our capabilities to the test:

1.         Schedule a virtual presentation and demo of our platform's general capabilities and potentials in developing and deploying web applications with remarkable ease and speed, or 

2.         If you prefer a private and customized presentation, you are welcome to submit a sample Excel file with one or two spreadsheets and schedule an online presentation to see, in real-time, how your data can be easily and quickly loaded and published on the web along with customized lists, forms, and analytical/graphical screens

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